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OrthoFirst™ – Immediate Care from Fox Valley Orthopedics

Introducing OrthoFirst™ – Immediate Orthopedic Care from Fox Valley Orthopedics

See The Specialists First

OrthoFirst™ at Fox Valley Orthopedics provides immediate orthopedic care for acute orthopedic injuries with a walk-in clinic and evening appointments. When you have an acute orthopedic injury, obtaining treatment from an orthopedic expert assures the proper diagnosis and treatment plan to get you moving again.

OrthoFirst™ gives you same-day access to highly trained board certified orthopedic specialists when you need them – at the time of injury.

Expertise You Have Come to Trust

Fox Valley Orthopedics has been serving the community for nearly 40 years. Whether on the sidelines at high school football games, in the exam room, or the operating room – our surgeons help athletes, seniors, and families to keep moving. OrthoFirst™ is an extension of our comprehensive approach to serve our patients and the demands of the community.

Our board of fellowship-trained physicians provides personalized care in every major orthopedic specialty,

  • Sports Medicine
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Hand and Wrist
  • Pediatrics
  • Spine
  • Total Joints

Life Moves Fast – Our goal is immediate access to the appropriate orthopedic expert.

We understand that life moves fast – twisted ankles happen when you slide into home plate;  you hear your ACL pop after a slam dunk;  you slip and fall on the ice;  your shoulder aches after a round of golf;  your fingers and hands get injured at work;  you fall off the ladder cleaning your gutters. We get it. Our job is to get you moving again by providing the highest level of orthopedic care from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation.

OrthoFirst™ – Saves Time, Money, and Gives You Peace of Mind

Rather than going to the emergency room or a general urgent care center, and then being referred to an orthopedic specialist, OrthoFirst™ will connect you immediately with the appropriate orthopedic expert.This assures you of the right diagnosis, treatment, and a faster recovery.It will also save you both time and money.The co-pay for an OrthoFirst™ visit is the same as a physician office visit, versus the higher co-pay for an Urgent Care or ER.


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