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  • Susan came up with the idea to put the BonES form on our website to encourage patient feedback. An excellent idea!

    - Submitted By Lysette
  • Lauren is always going above and beyond for the patients to make sure their treatment goes smoothly. She is very detailed, efficient, and always helps me out when I have questions.

    - Submitted By Rose
  • Easiest MRI, comfortable, fast and friendly service...thank you!

    - Submitted By Tom D.
  • Jane has been very patient and thorough with me thus far through my training. Every question I've had has been answered and tips have been given to me on how to efficiently perform in my position.

    - Submitted By Alexandria
  • I just wanted to say "kudos" to you. I did not have the smallest of bruises on my hand from the IV. I have had several put in but nobody was as good as you. Keep up the good work! Thanks Kathleen Brewer.

    - Submitted By Kathleen
  • She stepped up to clean a couple rooms when she saw we were struggling to keep up ... we had multiple patients waiting.

    - Submitted By Anna
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