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Fox Valley Ankle Pain Treatment

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The ankle bears a lot of weight on a daily basis, and injuries to this area are very noticeable. Even small ankle pain can seriously disrupt your life, making it difficult to exercise, drive, or even move around your home.

At Fox Valley Orthopedics, our skilled team of orthopedists can help you manage pain and recover from your injury. Our experienced physicians apply evidence-based treatments and years of training to find the most efficient treatment plan possible.

Learn more about the symptoms you are experiencing, then make an appointment with one of our doctors to discover the best plan of action to resolve your injury or pain:

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a skilled orthopedist. We develop personalized treatment plans for every patient.

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Whether you are a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, sports injuries can often be prevented or reduced by following a few simple precautions. Learn firsthand how to reduce your risk of acute injuries (sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations) and overuse injuries (tendinitis, stress fractures, swimmer’s shoulder, runner’s/jumper’s knee, and shin splints). In addition, learn how single sports specialization, as a young athlete, can lead to overuse injury and burnout. The program will cover specific physical therapy prevention techniques and healthy lifestyle tips. This program is presented by orthopedic surgeon and team doctor for the Kane County Cougars, Dr. James Sostak of Fox Valley Orthopedics.

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Oh My Aching Feet -- Arthritis
in the Feet & Ankles

Arthritis in your feet can affect your every move as inflammation and swelling of the joints become increasingly more difficult. Fox Valley Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Eric Bartel will discuss arthritis on the lower extremities and ankles, and how to prevent, treat and even live with arthritis. Biological infusion therapy will also be discussed, and well as using mobility aids.

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