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Keep It Moving… Use It Or Lose It

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Keep It Moving… Use It Or Lose It

It’s cold outside, and all you want to do is sit around your nice warm house. But your bum is getting all numb and tingly, and your back is just a wee bit sore, isn’t it? Why? Your body isn’t very happy about all the sitting around you’ve been doing.

Unfortunately, sitting makes you fat…and that’s a fact. And worse than the fat, sitting cuts years off your life, and is now being called a health hazard comparable to smoking!

STAND UP AND FIGHT. Combat fat and lengthen your lifespan by getting rid of some of your chairs (seriously, standing is much better for your posture and your overall health). And set your smartphone or wristwatch alarm to sound every hour when you’ll be sitting for a long time. Do a few simple stretches or some light strength training each time the alarm sounds. Your body will be much happier. And those fat cells will continue to burn baby burn!