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8 Timely Tips from the FVO Sports Medicine Specialists

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8 Timely Tips from the FVO Sports Medicine Specialists

FVO’s Sports Medicine Team Offers Up 8 ‘Smart Play Tips’ for Summer Sports Injury Prevention

With the summer sports season around the corner, the orthopedic surgeons at Fox Valley Orthopedics (FVO) want to get the word out about the importance of summer sports injury prevention to ensure their patients keep it moving.

“The goal is to keep players in the game,” says Dr. Kevan Ketterling, a sports medicine surgeon at FVO and team physician for the Kane County Cougars. “Not only through the summer sports season, but for life.”

Dr. Ketterling’s Smart Play Tips:

  • Don’t Leave Home Without It: If you have asthma, treat your inhaler as part of your equipment, and always bring it to practices and games.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water when playing sports. If your activity lasts longer than an hour, make sure sports drinks are consumed afterwards.

“Nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students are linked to overuse,” says Dr. James P. Sostak, a sports medicine surgeon at FVO. “Avoid becoming a sports injury statistic.”

Dr. Sostak’s Smart Play Tips:

  • Tackle Prevention Head On: Protective headgear is an important part of summer sports injury prevention. Most concussions resolve on their own without permanent damage, but a blow to the head can be potentially life threatening. And, over time, multiple concussions can cause cumulative, serious brain damage.
  • Avoid Overplay: Overuse injuries can result in lost participation time, physician visits, lengthy rehabilitation, and even a total cessation of participation. They can also lead to disease and growth-related disorders, as well as little leaguer’s elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, tennis elbow and/or stress fractures.

“When an athlete comes to a quick stop, or in combination with a directional change while landing from a jump, pivoting, or running, a knee injury can happen,” says Dr. Timothy S. Petsche, sports medicine surgeon at FVO. “That ‘popping’ sensation is usually a sign that the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) has torn.”

Dr. Petsche’s Smart Play Tips:

  • Don’t Twist and Shout: If prone to knee injuries, switch to a sport that doesn’t involve a lot of twisting or contact (i.e. avoid basketball, football, skiing, and soccer).
  • Conditioning and Training: Implement a training regimen that focuses on agility, balance, and power; include a warm up, stretches, strengthening exercises, plyometrics, agility drills, and a cool down.

“Many people put on a brave face when injured, and try to keep playing through an injury,” says Dr. Vishal M. Mehta, a sports medicine surgeon at FVO. “We encourage sports enthusiasts to see a specialist about any problems they’re experiencing.”

Dr. Mehta’s Smart Play Tips:

  • Mix it Up: When it comes to sport-specific training regimens, vary things a little in order to give all your body parts time to rest and recuperate.
  • Incorporate Technique, Protection and Warm-ups: Always implement proper injury prevention such as practicing proper technique, wearing well-fitting protective equipment, and performing gentle warm-ups and whole-body stretches before and after workouts.

Everyone in the community can play a vital role by promoting sports safety. Learn all you can about sports safety by visiting FVO’s Go Play!