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Spring Cleaning Orthopedic Health Tips

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Spring Cleaning Orthopedic Health Tips

As the season for tidying up, getting rid of clutter, and reorganizing our living spaces approaches, some may find joy in the process, while others may dread it. However, it is important to remember that our homes are where we face the most significant risk of injury. Whether it is muscle strains or falls, there are countless potential hazards to be aware of. To help prevent injury, we have compiled a list of tips to remember as you clean and declutter.

Ways to Prevent Orthopedic Injuries

Pace Yourself

Tackling a large area of your home or garage for spring cleaning can feel overwhelming. Taking frequent breaks to rest and stretch is essential to avoid straining yourself. This will help prevent overuse and straining injuries.


Stretching before and after cleaning can also help prevent injuries. Remember to listen to your body and stop if you start feeling tired or in pain. We recommend taking a break every 30 minutes to avoid overusing your muscles and joints. You can ensure a safe and injury-free spring cleaning experience by pacing yourself and caring for your body.

Lifting Techniques

To prevent muscle strain, following correct lifting and cleaning methods is crucial. Remember to bend your knees and maintain a straight back when handling heavy items. Avoid any sudden or twisting movements, and seek assistance if necessary. When carrying or lifting heavy objects like furniture, it’s best to ask someone to help.

Proper Posture

Keep your posture in mind whether you are vacuuming, dusting or scrubbing. Ensure your back stays straight and avoid hunching over.

Proper Equipment & Safety

Wear comfortable, protective shoes. Closed-toe shoes are essential to not only protect your feet from items that can fall, but to stabilize your gait while carrying heavier items or going up and down ladders.

By using the correct equipment, you can prevent overexertion. Tools designed ergonomically, with features such as padded handles, adjustable heights, and angled heads, can lessen the strain on your body while using them.

When utilizing a step stool or ladder to access elevated areas, ensure it is securely positioned on a level surface. Never attempt to move the ladder or stool while you’re standing on it. For ladders, it is recommended to have someone provide additional stability by holding the ladder and never to stand on the highest step.

It is essential to keep safety in mind when decluttering your home during spring cleaning. While it may be tempting to place boxes and bags of items to be discarded wherever is convenient, it is crucial to avoid creating any potential hazards. Ensure that these items are kept away from walkways, steps, and stairs to prevent anyone from tripping or getting injured.

If you’re experiencing pain or recovering from an injury, our team of specialists can help. Contact us at 630-548-1400 for an appointment.