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Office Workers & Wrist Pain: When to Seek Relief

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Office Workers & Wrist Pain: When to Seek Relief

One of the top physical complaints among office workers is wrist pain, and it’s easy to see why. Typing for hours on end a day can cause overuse injuries in the wrists, which can in turn affect your productivity at work. In fact, carpal tunnel syndrome was found to be the third most common reason for missed days from work due to illness or injury in 2017. Relief is possible, though, especially by making sure your workstation is ergonomically correct.

What Is Ergonomics?

It may surprise you to know how almost any aspect of your work environment has the ability to improve or impede your ability to put forth your best word product. If your workspace is holding you back and causing you actual pain, you should look into ergonomics: the scientific approach to understanding the body’s abilities and limitations to improve how you interact with your environment to do your job. Almost anything in your workspace can have an ergonomic design, but to relieve wrist pain, you should ensure you have an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, as these put your wrists at a more natural angle as you type.

Contact Fox Valley Orthopedics if Ergonomics Doesn’t Relieve Your Wrist Pain

At Fox Valley Orthopedics, we understand there are limitations to any workspace. Do what you can within your budget, but take every chance you can to make simple, affordable adjustments to make your work more enjoyable and less painful.

Our orthopedists are experts in diagnosing and treating wrist pain and can help patients get the relief they crave while restoring function lost to wrist problems. Contact us today at (630) 584-1400 or reach out online to book an appointment.