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Why it’s Important to Have Hand Fractures Treated Quickly

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Why it’s Important to Have Hand Fractures Treated Quickly

We use our hands for so many activities, many of which we don’t even consciously think about every day. From typing on a keyboard to pouring your morning coffee and scrolling through social media, it’s second nature to go about these activities. But when hand pain strikes, you become much more aware of every hand movement you make.

Given the fact that the hands are used every hour of the day, day in and day out, it’s not surprising that hand injuries are common – especially among athletes in high-impact sports. For example, boxers are especially prone to hand fractures, and yet some never seek treatment. Hand fractures can be caused by falling, such as a baseball player catching a ball and landing on their hand. If you’re an athlete, an untreated hand fracture could have an impact on your long-term physical activity.

What Can Happen to Your Hands Without Fracture Treatment

In most cases, hand fractures heal well with prompt treatment, but if you attempt to ignore them, they can cause potentially serious, lasting consequences. Seeing a doctor for suspected hand fracture treatment is important. Without treatment, you could risk further injuries, complications, disabilities, or deformities. Because we use our hands every day, it will become a painful burden if you are afflicted with chronic pain, nerve damage, or stiffness. Without treatment, the bones in your hand may not heal in proper alignment. This can interfere with even basic activities, like holding a pencil or buttoning your shirt. Rather than going about these activities easily and without much thought, it could become a hassle, or worse, painful.

Should I See a Doctor for My Hand Pain?

If you’ve injured a hand, even if your symptoms aren’t debilitating, it doesn’t hurt to have your hand examined. At Fox Valley Orthopedics, our orthopedic doctors will diagnose your hand condition and take X-rays to determine the extent of your injury so treatment options can be explored. Depending on the severity of your hand fracture, you may require a cast or brace, physical therapy, or surgical treatment for displaced bones or complex fractures.

Be patient while recovering from a hand fracture, as they can take time to heal. Talk with your orthopedic doctor about hand exercises that could help improve your hand mobility, pain levels, or stiffness. We can help.

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