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How an Orthopedic Surgeon Can Repair a Severed Hand Nerve

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Fox Valley Orthopedics can help you recover from a severed finger nerve. Learn more about nonsurgical and surgical digital nerve repair in our blog. Contact us today.

How an Orthopedic Surgeon Can Repair a Finger Nerve Injury

The fingers are composed of many interconnected networks of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. When any of these don’t function as they should, the dexterity and fine motor skills of your fingers ultimately will be impacted, not to mention you will likely suffer some form of hand pain. This is especially true if your finger nerves are affected.

The finger (digital) nerves impart the sensation of touch, which is arguably the most important function of your hands. Digital nerve injuries can cause a variety of problems that affect quality of life, making them important to have them diagnosed as quickly as possible by an orthopedic specialist who is well-versed in the anatomical complexity of the upper extremities.

Did you hurt your finger nerves through some sort of pressure, stretching, or cutting injury? Contact us at Fox Valley Orthopedics now to book an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon by calling (630) 584-1400.

What Causes Digital Nerve Injuries and How Are They Repaired?

The nerves in your fingers are susceptible to injury from a variety of causes, such as those resulting from pressure, stretching, and lacerations. While pressure and stretching injuries typically do not sever the nerve in two, they can still impair the way the nerve communicates with the brain and thus impact your ability to detect sensation in the affected area where the injury occurred.

A cutting (laceration) to the fingers, by contrast, can have a variety of negative outcomes, left untreated. For instance, you could sever the digital nerve fibers and the outer layer of tissue that insulates, known as the nerve sheath, or canal. In this instance, you will likely require surgical nerve repair for optimal healing in order to regain sensation and agility in your fingers, although it might not be possible to gain full function back in the area, although this is always the goal. During this intricate microsurgery, the severed ends of the digital nerves are reconnected and sewn back together with tiny sutures.

When Can a Digital Nerve Injury Be Treated Without Surgery?

If you sustained a digital nerve injury but didn’t completely sever the nerve, such as pressure or stretching injury, surgery is likely unnecessary and not even recommended for your optimal recovery. If the sheath covering the injured digital nerve remains intact, even though there will likely be some loss of sensation in the injured area, surgery won’t help and could make your sensation capabilities even worse. Healing from pressure and stretching digital nerve injuries can be facilitated through hand physical therapy to keep the joints and fingers in optimal condition and revitalize the full function and sensation of the hands.

How Fox Valley Orthopedics Help You Recover from a Severed Finger Nerve

Your fingers are highly intricate instruments. Without even being aware of it, you are constantly using them throughout the day and even at night. That means that sustaining an injury to any one of your fingers can be quite a complex problem both to diagnose and treat. That’s why it’s important to consult a qualified orthopedic surgeon well-versed in the anatomy of the upper extremities after injuring your digital nerves. Digital nerve injury repair takes medical expertise from orthopedic specialists for the most beneficial, individualized treatment plan to best meet your needs.

Have you sustained a digital nerve injury? Fox Valley Orthopedics can help. To book a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon at our practice, please contact us today at (630) 584-1400.