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Shoulder Arthritis Treatment in Illinois

Seek Relief from Chronic & Acute Shoulder Pain

Joint inflammation can occur throughout the body, causing localized or widespread arthritis symptoms. In the shoulder, two distinct joints can be affected by arthritis, leading to pain and stiffness. The likelihood of developing the degenerative condition increases with age, but shoulder injury can hasten its onset. There is no cure for shoulder arthritis, but treatment and therapy help patients lead normal lives.

What Is Shoulder Arthritis?

Arthritis can affect either of two joints comprising the shoulder. The glenohumeral joint is where the rounded top of the humerus meets the shoulder blade, or scapula. Although arthritis strikes here, the acromioclavicular (AC) joint is more commonly involved with shoulder arthritis. The AC joint is found where the clavicle (collarbone) meets the shoulder blade.

When shoulder cartilage is damaged, arthritis pain and range of motion limitations can become severe. Co-existing shoulder problems – such as rotator cuff tears – may also contribute to arthritis. When the cuff is no longer able to hold the humerus in position, bone surface damage occurs, leading to shoulder arthritis.

Causes & Symptoms of Shoulder Arthritis

Age is the greatest risk factor for developing osteoarthritis of the shoulder. Over time, this form of arthritis destroys the smooth cartilage found on bone surfaces. As the material deteriorates, joint surfaces become rough and the cartilage no longer facilitates fluid shoulder movement. In addition to impaired range of motion, shoulder arthritis causes swelling and pain resulting from bones rubbing together without healthy cartilage cushioning the contact.

Although age and wear contribute to arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis can also affect young people following a shoulder injury. A sports-related dislocation or fracture, for instance, increases risk for developing chronic inflammation and arthritis symptoms.

Shoulder arthritis may cause these symptoms:

  • Pain that is aggravated by activity, progressively worsens
  • Pain may intensify with changes in weather
  • Limited motion
  • Difficulty lifting arm
  • Clicking or snapping sound when moving shoulder
  • Pain at night and difficulty sleeping

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