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Wrist Fracture Treatment in Illinois

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The forearm consists of two bones, the radius and the ulna. The radius is the larger of the two, connecting to the bones of the hand at the thumb side of the wrist. This is known as the ‘distal end’ of the radius. A fractured wrist is the result of the distal end of the radius bone being broken. This is generally referred to as a broken or fractured wrist, though medical professionals call it a ‘distal radius fracture’. Distal radius fractures are relatively common, with the radius being the most frequently broken bone in the arm.

There are five different classifications of radius fractures, each with its own distinct characteristics and methods for treatment:

  • Colles’ fracture: A fracture that leaves the broken end of the radius tilting upwards
  • Intra-articular fracture: A fracture that extends into the wrist joint
  • Extra-articular fracture: A fracture that does not extend into the wrist joint
  • Comminuted fracture: In which the radius bone is fractured in more than two places
  • Open fracture: A fractured bone that breaks the skin

Causes & Symptoms of Wrist Fractures

The most common cause of a fractured wrist is falling onto an outstretched arm. This is particularly true for older patients who may suffer from osteoporosis or a thinning of the bones. In these cases even a minor fall, or other accident, can be enough to fracture the radius bone. A fractured wrist can also be the result of injuries sustained in a car crash or motorcycle accident. Athletes are often at a greater risk for wrist fractures, particularly if they are involved in rigorous contact sports such as football, soccer, or mixed martial arts.

A fractured wrist presents with a number of easily recognizable symptoms, including:

  • Injury related pain and swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain when touching the injured area
  • Swelling
  • Deformity

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