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Preventing Hand Injuries in the Home

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  • Written By: Craig M. Torosian, MD
Preventing Hand Injuries in the Home

Injuries to the hand are the most common cause of visits to the emergency room. They can range from simple lacerations to complex injuries. these can result in severe functional limitations. The importance of a fully functional hand is important to us all, whether we use them to earn a living or practice a sport or hobby.

The following is a list of several ways of preventing disabling injuries to your hand, keeping you out of the emergency room and helping you to maintain a productive and independent lifestyle.

  1. Always cut away from your hand or fingers when using a knife.
  2. Use a knife with a finger guard if possible.
  3. Use knives for cutting only. Do not use knives for pounding or prying.
  4. Use extreme caution when handling any type of plate glass.
  5. Decals help alert people to large areas of plate glass that appear “invisible.”
  6. Read instructions before using hand tools or small appliances.
  7. Use proper tools designed for a specific task.
  8. Do not remove guards or safety devices from dangerous equipment such as circular saws.
  9. Turn off lawnmowers, snowblowers and power cutting tools before putting hands in the vicinity of the blade or emptying the collection bags.
  10. Keep appliance cords out of reach of children.
  11. Be very careful when removing can lids from a can opener. There are now can openers that turn the edges of the can so that they are less sharp and, therefore, safer.
  12. Keep your eyes on what you are doing, especially when using power tools.
  13. If it is necessary to work in vision-occluded areas, use extreme caution.
  14. Do not push garbage down a disposal with your fingers while the motor is on.
  15. Use only unbreakable glasses in the car and in outdoor settings.
  16. Make sure children have their hands clear before shutting car doors.
  17. Avoid hanging or supporting arms outside a automobile while it is moving.
  18. Do not allow children to play around escalators, elevators or revolving doors.
  19. Slow down. Remember, rushing causes many accidents. Speed frequently decreases accuracy and control.