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What is Cartilage Restoration?

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  • Written By: Vishal M. Mehta, MD
What is Cartilage Restoration?

What is cartilage restoration?

  • Cartilage restoration involves new, state of the art techniques aimed at restoring damaged cartilage in major joints
  • Specific examples of cartilage restoration include meniscus transplantation and osteochondral allografts. These are procedures where healthy cadaver cartilage is used to replace the patient’s damaged cartilage.

Who is a candidate for cartilage restoration?

  • The ideal candidate is a young patient with a cartilage defect in a major joint such as the knee or shoulder.
  • An example of a typical patient is a 25-year-old soccer player who tore their ACL and had it reconstructed. At the time of the ACL reconstruction, the meniscus was torn beyond repair and the knee remains painful. This patient would be an ideal candidate for meniscus transplantation.

What is the goal of cartilage restoration?

  • The goal is to relieve pain associated with these cartilage defects.
  • A secondary goal is to hopefully slow, or perhaps even prevent, the development of arthritis.

How do I find out if cartilage restoration is right for me?

  • Contact the Center for Cartilage Restoration at Fox Valley Orthopaedic Institute to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.