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Snowthrowers Safety Tips

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  • Written By: Craig M. Torosian, MD
Snowthrowers Safety Tips

The temperature is dropping and snow will not be far away. Snowthrowers have become increasingly popular to help with snow removal. With more people using snowthrowers, the number of hand and foot injuries have increased. The following are some helpful hints to prevent these potentially devastating injuries:

  1. Read the operator’s manual thoroughly, especially the safety features.
  2. Know how to stop the machine quickly.
  3. Before unclogging the discharge chute, shut of the engine and wait for all moving parts to stop.
  4. Use a stick, not your hand, to remove obstructions from the chute.
  5. Leave all safety features, such as safety guards, shields and deflectors intact.
  6. Clear the area. Before starting snowthrowers, remove doormats, sleds, boards, sticks and any other item which might be picked up and thrown by the snowthrower.
  7. Avoid auger/impeller impact. Always assume that the auger/impeller are turning when the engine is running. Hands and feet can be severely crushed and even amputated by rotating augers and impellers.
  8. Never clear the chute while the engine is running.
  9. Never allow a child to operate a snowthrower. If you are not comfortable with them driving, they should not operate this dangerous equipment.
  10. Watch for holes and curbs that could cause you to lose your balance and fall.

Most snowthrower-related accidents are caused by negligent and careless behavior. Remember, a moment of carelessness could lead to a lifetime of regret.