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ACL Care

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ACL Care

man stretching his legsJust like a rubber band, the ACL prevents the shinbone from sliding in front of the thighbone. This ligament is vulnerable to injury when there’s a blow to the side of the knee, or when the ligament is overstretched or torn, such as when the knee is twisted, bent backward, or bent from side to side. When an athlete comes to a quick stop, or in combination with a directional change while landing from a jump, pivoting, or running, this is when a knee can give out.

One of the best ways to help prevent ACL injuries is through proper training and conditioning. Here are some tips for preventing ACL injuries:

  • Shoes – When playing contact sports, avoid wearing shoes with cleats.
  • Equipment – Wear a knee brace during high-risk activities.
  • Twisting – If prone to knee injuries, switch to a sport that doesn’t involve a lot of twisting or contact (i.e. avoid basketball, football, skiing, and soccer).
  • Change – Implement new playing techniques; steer clear of moves that stress vulnerable knees.
  • Drills – Practice landing with bent knees after jumps; practice crouching when pivoting and turning.
  • Leg muscles – Stretch and strengthen leg muscles, especially those of the thigh.
  • Conditioning and training – Implement a training regimen that focuses on agility, balance, and power; include a warm-up, stretches, strengthening exercises, plyometrics (jump training), agility drills, and a cool down.