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Keep It Moving With Expert Orthopedic Care

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Keep It Moving With Expert Orthopedic Care

Unless you never move a muscle, you’ll likely have at least one small mishap when you’re out having fun this winter. When you fall down, the next step is getting up! For most winter sports’ bumps and bruises, employ RICE.

  • Rest – Give yourself a time-out to recover.
  • Ice – Use cold packs (not heat) for the first few hours post injury.
  • Compression – Apply a gentle wrap to the injured area.
  • Elevation – Keep the injured area elevated above heart level.

LITTLE INJURIES ARE INEVITABLE…But if you’ve implemented RICE, and still don’t feel quite right, see OrthoFirst. The sprains and strains of winter fun are all in a day’s work for orthopedic surgeons. And sometimes it’s the little things that can keep you down, and prevent you from moving. So if it’s not healing lickety-splitly, see an expert to help you get back up as quickly as possible.