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Bridal Shoes: 4 Tips from Orthopedic Experts

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Bridal Shoes: 4 Tips from Orthopedic Experts

Brides may spend a great deal of time choosing their bridal shoes but often base their decision on only looks, not planning ahead for proper fit or comfort. The shoes may be beautiful, but considering how long you’ll be wearing them — from walking down the aisle to standing for pictures and dancing at the reception — fit and comfort should be an important consideration. Below are a few tips to help you choose shoes for your big day.

Tip 1: Buy Bridal Shoes that Fit!

Every day we see patients who come in with foot and ankle pain or injury due to ill fitting shoes. Your wedding day is not a time when you want to worry about foot or ankle injury. It is important to most brides to have stunning footwear, but also take into account safety and comfort.

If your shoes are too tight, too high, or too narrow, your feet will get irritated. This can cause them to swell up, or can cause bruising, blisters, or calluses. Worse, poorly fitted shoes can cause you other injuries such as tripping or rolling your ankle. No bride wants to spend her day at an impromptu doctors visit, so when you select your bridal shoes make sure to buy a pair that fits properly.

Tip 2: Comfort is Key

bride putting on tennis shoes

You may buy bridal shoes that fit properly, but also make sure to keep comfort in mind. In our clinic we often see patients who require corrective surgery due to wearing heels that are far too high day in and day out. Your wedding day is a special day, but you still want to be comfortable so you can enjoy without the risk of long-term damage.

Since you will be standing up for most of your big day, it is important your shoes are comfortable. To test how comfortable your shoes will be try walking in them several times before your wedding. This helps to break them in and also ensures you know how they will feel when worn for a longer period of time. If needed, add an extra layer of padding with inserts at the balls of your feet. There are also heel protectors you can attach to the inside of your shoe or to the back of your foot to avoid slipping and rubbing on your skin.

If you find the shoes you plan to walk down the aisle in are too uncomfortable for the rest of the day, consider buying a second pair that you can wear to the reception.

Tip 3: Plan for the Unexpected

As part of your “bridal” kit for the day plan to pack the following “just in case”:

  • Hydro Seal bandages for heel blisters – in case you get a blister. These bandages both help protect and prevent further damage.
  • On the go stain removers – in case you need to remove blood or stains from your shoe caused by skin that has rubbed off. Ouch!
  • Slippers fit for a bride – in case you just need a break from your wedding day shoes.
  • Anti-slip pads for the outside/bottom of your shoe – in case you arrive at the venue and find the floors are more slippery than your shoes can handle safely.

Tip 4: See a Professional in Advance

bare feet

If you feel that you have any pain or injury to either of your feet or ankles prior to your wedding day plan to see a podiatrist in advance. Seeking help ahead of time can help prevent further injury and can help to ensure your focus on your special day is on your family and friends versus your feet.

By keeping these simple tips in mind when choosing your bridal shoes and preparing for your wedding you can ensure your walk down the aisle is safe and comfortable. If you need to schedule a pre-wedding appointment with one of our orthopedic experts please call us at (630) 584-1400.