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Signs You Need a Pain Management Specialist

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Signs You Need a Pain Management Specialist

Pain is something we’re all familiar with. It comes in many forms, can last anywhere from a few seconds to several years, and is sometimes severe enough that it makes it difficult to do things we enjoy. Most pains go away on their own with time, but how do you know when to seek help from a pain management specialist?

Pain management specialists treat acute, chronic, and severe pains. Instead of treating the condition at its source, pain management specialists focus on controlling the symptoms. Below are some signs that you need professional treatment for pain:

  • The pain has lasted for more than three months
  • You don’t want to take pain medication or medications are not providing the relief you need
  • You have recently had surgery and the incision still hurts
  • You want to explore treatment options aside from surgery
  • The pain has gotten better but not gone away completely
  • The pain has prevented you from working, going out with friends, or participating in other activities you enjoy
  • You have a difficult time moving because of the pain
  • The pain keeps you up at night
  • You buy a lot of over-the-counter pain medications
  • The pain has come and gone over and over again for months or years

There’s No Need to Live With Pain

Some people live with pain for so long that they’ve grown used to it. This doesn’t have to be the case. Pain management treatments can eliminate even “bearable” pains that you’ve lived with for years.

Pain management is an ongoing process that often requires several appointments before achieving the maximum benefit. However, you should notice continuous improvement after one or two sessions, depending on the severity of the condition.

At Fox Valley Orthopedics, you will work with a skilled team of multidisciplinary pain management specialists. We provide treatment for pain in all areas of the body. Contact us today to request an appointment.