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When to Consider a Total Joint Replacement

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When to Consider a Total Joint Replacement

When Total Joint Replacement is an Option

While many aches and pains can be ignored, chronic pain can get in the way of your everyday routine and lower your quality of life. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it may be time to talk to your orthopedic doctor about joint replacement as a treatment option for your persistent knee, hip, or shoulder pain.

You Still Experience Pain While You are Resting

It’s completely normal for those living with chronic pain to have flare-ups every now and then during physical activity. However, if your affected joint is still causing you pain and discomfort while you’re sitting or lying down, surgical intervention may be appropriate for your condition.

Your Pain Prevents You From Performing Everyday Activities

When your joints become weak or stiff, it can make simple daily tasks seemingly impossible. If you find yourself avoiding or unable to stand, sit, or even walk without experiencing pain—a total joint replacement might be the next step in your pain management plan.

Non-Invasive Options Don’t Improve Your Pain

Whether physical therapy, medications, or even steroid injections have worked for your condition in the past, it is possible for your joint pain to worsen as time goes on, leaving these techniques ineffective. When non-surgical techniques have been exhausted, a replacement may be able to give you some relief.

Orthopedic Care in Fox Valley

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