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When to Consider a Shoulder Replacement

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When to Consider a Shoulder Replacement

When Joint Replacement is a Viable Treatment Option

When less invasive treatment isn’t helping to address your pain, surgical intervention may be an appropriate course of treatment for you. The orthopedic health experts at Fox Valley Orthopedics are here to share some signs and symptoms that may mean that a joint replacement is the next step in addressing your shoulder pain.

You Experience Shoulder Pain While Resting

When living with chronic pain affecting your shoulder, pain can be expected when performing certain activities. However, if your pain continues when you're not using your shoulder, you should talk to your orthopedist about having a replacement.

Pain Gets in the Way of Everyday Activities

From brushing our teeth to showering and getting dressed—we use our shoulders to do many everyday activities. However, suffering from persistent shoulder pain can make these simple tasks unendurable. If you feel as though your shoulder pain is stopping you from taking care of yourself properly, having a joint replacement may be able to provide you with some relief.

Other Pain Management Options Are No Longer Working

When suffering from persistent joint pain, it's normal for your orthopedic care team to recommend less invasive treatment options initially. Although methods like medication, physical therapy, and steroid injections may help at first, joint pain can worsen over time. If these other pain management options are no longer working for your condition, surgical intervention may be the answer to provide you with long-lasting relief.

If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should reach out to your orthopedic care team to discuss whether or not surgical; intervention is right for your specific condition.

Orthopedic Care in Fox Valley

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