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The Goals of Physical Therapy After a Traumatic Injury

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The Goals of Physical Therapy After a Traumatic Injury

When you start a physical therapy program, your primary objective is likely that you just want your pain to stop. You may not even know exactly why you need physical therapy if that is the only goal you can think of, but there are plenty of reasons why rehabilitation is beneficial that you can learn about.

Those who experience traumatic injuries, or an injury that has a sudden onset and extreme severity, require immediate medical attention. Many who experience traumatic injuries need extended rehabilitation to fully recover physical function. This is where physical therapy comes in handy, especially in the healing period after any surgical intervention to correct common traumatic injuries like broken bones, severed nerves, or car wreck-related pain.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a common treatment component for many types of ailments. Physical therapists are medical professionals who can examine, evaluate, and treat patients experiencing pain, diminished mobility, and to avoid the use of long-term reliance on prescription painkillers. But that’s only one component of what makes physical therapy necessary for many people. Thanks to a wide range of treatments physical therapists use, they can minimize your discomfort and improve your mobility.

No matter your reason for needing physical therapy, the overarching goals for all patients include:

  • Personalized treatment to restore or maintain your functionality mobility
  • Education to prevent future injuries or avoid the need for surgery
  • Help with recovery from an injury or following surgery
  • Management of medical problems related to advanced age

How Long Will I Be in Physical Therapy?

The quick answer is “it varies.” That’s because no two cases of traumatic injury are exactly alike, and even if they are similar, each individual who experiences one has a unique set of obstacles to overcome in physical therapy. For instance, an older adult with osteoporosis will require a different treatment approach than a child. Your physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon will work together to determine the appropriate length for your physical rehabilitation in the recovery of a traumatic injury.

Contact Fox Valley Orthopedics

Do you need orthopedic attention or physical therapy after sustaining a traumatic injury? Fox Valley Orthopedics can help. Our orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons are experts in their field and commonly prescribe post-operative physical therapy for our patients, and patient compliance to a rehabilitation program can make all the difference in the outcome.

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