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Scoliosis Treatment at Home

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Scoliosis Treatment at Home

Scoliosis is a common spinal condition that affects people of all ages. And while there is no one cure for scoliosis, there are many treatments that can help relieve the symptoms, slow the curvature of the spine, and provide much-needed relief for the individual.

When diagnosed with scoliosis, your doctor will provide you with the necessary information regarding treatments you may need depending on your age and the type of scoliosis you have. Treatment may include non-surgical options such as a brace or spinal injections; however, surgical options are sometimes necessary in advanced cases.

The work to improve your symptoms associated with scoliosis doesn't stop once you leave the doctor's office, however. There are many changes you can make at home that have the potential to alleviate pain and improve your condition. Read on to learn more:

Exercise & Stretch

Exercises and stretches are one of the most effective treatments for scoliosis. They help to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, improve balance and posture, reduce pain, and slow or even stop the progression of the condition. An easy way to integrate these exercises into your daily life is by choosing low-impact activities such as swimming, yoga, and pilates.

Aside from your workout routine, adding periods of stretching to your day helps to relieve tension in tight muscles, increase flexibility, and decrease stress on the spine.

Check out these stretches and try them today!

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Individuals with scoliosis often experience inflammation in their spine which can worsen their pain. A diet filled with proper nutrients and protein will go a long way in reducing this inflammation and improving your overall health. The next time you go grocery shopping, add these items to your list:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables - especially those rich in vitamin D.
  • Non-processed meats - salmon, fresh chicken, and tuna.
  • Nuts - great for snacking and getting additional protein.
  • Beans and lentils - an added source of calcium

Set a Routine and Stay Consistent

The important thing to remember when implementing these changes into your home life is to stay consistent. Consistency allows your new habits to begin making the impact you're looking for. Start slow if necessary, and create a realistic routine you can stick to for an extended period of time.

Seek Orthopedic Services

In addition to these newly formed healthy habits, it's crucial that you continue to see your orthopedic specialist for ongoing monitoring and care. Every patient is unique; that's why the Fox Valley Orthopedics team develops customized treatment plans for each individual to fit their specific symptoms and needs. Contact our office at (630) 584-1400 to speak with a scoliosis specialist about your condition today!