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STAR Ankle Replacement in IL

Three Piece Ankle Replacement Surgery

Don’t settle for a surgery that restricts your movement to a permanent 90 degree angle like a fusion. A fusion makes driving a challenge, walking feel stiff, and leads to accelerated arthritis in the surrounding joints. A 2-piece ankle replacement may allow for more movement than a fusion, but it restricts the natural side-to-side movements and has over double the risk for arthritis in the surrounding joints compared to the STAR 3-piece.

Comparing ankle replacement procedures:

  • Fusion – Extremely limited movement. 91% of patients develop arthritis in surrounding joints.
  • 2-Piece – Limited movement. 43% of patients develop arthritis in surrounding joints.
  • 3-Piece – Smooth movements with greater flexibility. 20% of patients develop arthritis in surrounding joints.

Benefits of a Three Piece Ankle Replacement

This specialized surgery can only be done by a skilled orthopedic surgeon who has completed additional training. Dr. Eric Bartel is 1 of 7 doctors in Illinois who has the ability to perform the STAR 3-Piece Total Ankle Replacement.

Benefits of the 3-piece ankle replacement include:

  • Faster recovery
  • Better mobility
  • Side-to-side movement
  • Dramatically decreased risk for arthritis in surrounding joints

There are so many benefits to this tried and trusted ankle replacement surgery. Don’t put it off another day. Life is too short to be limited by pain.

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