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Thumb Fracture Treatment in Illinois

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Although any of the bones in the hand can succumb to fracture, thumb breaks may be among the most challenging to overcome. The thumb is constructed much like a finger, but its positioning gives it a vital role in hand movement and function. Grasping and pinching motions rely on the thumb and its fulcrum to provide opposing force, enabling humans to manipulate objects in ways other animals can’t. Accidental injury usually causes thumb fracture, but certain factors may increase risk for suffering a broken thumb.

Cause of a Thumb Fracture

Thumb fracture typically results from direct trauma. Car accidents, falls, and sports injuries are all common causes of broken bones, including those of the thumb. Active individuals may experience a thumb fracture resulting from:

  • Twisting motion – Rotation creates force, so the bones of the thumb are susceptible to breaks caused by twisting.
  • Contact sports – Dexterity and hand-eye coordination are integral to athletics, so sports-related thumb injuries can occur. Wresting, hockey, and football include forceful contact, increasing the risk for thumb fracture. As well as boxing, which subjects thumbs to repetitive trauma.
  • Fall– Awkward falls sometimes result in direct impact to the bones of the thumb, causing fractures, sprains or dislocation
  • Bat/ball injuries – Direct strikes from baseballs or bats apply force sufficient enough to cause broken bones in the thumb.

Description of a Thumb Fracture

The thumb is comprised of the distal phalange, extending from the knuckle to the tip, and the proximal phalange, joining the knuckle and the base of the thumb. This structure is connected to the hand by the first metacarpal. Any of these bones can fracture, with some of the most serious injuries occurring near joints. A break to the first metacarpal is a serious condition, impacting how the entire hand functions, and calling for specialized treatment.

Symptoms of a Thumb Fracture

Thumb fracture may lead to one or more of these symptoms:

  • Severe pain at fracture site
  • Swelling
  • Limited or no ability to move thumb
  • A misshapen or deformed look to thumb
  • Numbness or coldness in thumb

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