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Trigger Finger Treatment in Illinois

Are You Having Trouble Moving one or More Fingers?

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis is a hand disorder limiting movement in one or more fingers. As a finger is extended, the condition interferes with fluid movement, causing the joints to “hang-up” or lock during the motion. When trigger finger is present, tendons in the fingers and thumb are responsible for fingers “catching” or getting stuck in a bent position. In most cases, the finger continues to move beyond the momentary restriction, but some fingers affected by the condition remain locked in a bent position.


The cause of trigger finger isn’t always known, but several risk factors have been identified for developing the condition:

  • Sex – Women are more likely than men to develop trigger finger, and may experience more severe symptoms than men suffering from the irregularity.
  • Repetitive Gripping Motions – Whether resulting from hobbies, athletics or occupational responsibilities, frequent, repetitive gripping actions may contribute to the inflammation responsible for trigger finger.
  • Existing Conditions Those with arthritis and other medical complaints are at greater risk for developing trigger finger.
  • Age – Trigger finger is thought to strike most often during middle age.


Specialized tendons attach muscles to bones in the fingers. These long, flexor tendons extend from the forearm muscles, passing through the wrist, before connecting to fingers and thumbs. As they contract, the flexor tendons pull on the bones, facilitating movement. When trigger finger strikes, inflammation interferes with the tissue sleeve (tendon sheath) surrounding tendons of the affected finger, causing it to catch or lock.

As the irritation continues, the tendon thickens and the sheath tunnel narrows, further impinging the tendon’s passage. In severe cases, the affected finger becomes fixed in a bent position.


Trigger finger may present the following symptoms:

  • Usually, there is no known cause, but repetitive use of the hand can cause it
  • Pain in the palm at the base of the finger or thumb
  • Sensation of finger stiffness that sometimes progresses to a visible “catch” or “trigger”
  • In severe cases, the finger can become locked and is very painful to straighten

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