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Pelvis Fracture Treatment in Illinois

Pelvic Fracture Care

The pelvis is a butterfly-shaped group of bones at the base of the spine. A pelvic fracture is a crack, or break, in one or more of these pelvic bones. Fractures of the pelvis are relatively uncommon, and are almost always the result of some type of traumatic event. While anyone can fracture a bone in their pelvis, adolescents and the elderly are generally at a greater risk.

There are two classifications of pelvic fractures:

  • Stable fractures – in which there is only one break in the pelvic ring and the bones remain in place. Stable fractures are often accompanied by limited bleeding
  • Unstable fractures – in which there are multiple breaks in the pelvic ring which do not align correctly. Unstable fractures are typically accompanied by moderate to severe bleeding

Causes of a Pelvis Fracture

The majority of pelvis fractures in otherwise healthy adults are the result of traumatic high-energy impact events. These would include being involved in a motorcycle or car accident, being hit by an automobile, or falling from a great height. In some cases, however, a pelvis fracture can be caused by a lower impact event.

Older individuals, particularly those suffering from a weakening of the bones, can sometimes suffer a pelvic fracture as the result of a minor fall; and though uncommon, adolescents have been known to fracture one or more of their pelvic bones as the result of sporting injuries.

Symptoms of a Pelvis Fracture

The most common symptoms associated with a pelvic fracture include:

  • Painful, often swollen and bruised pelvis
  • Usually substantial bleeding
  • Potential nerve injury and internal organ damage
  • Some relief may be felt when hip or knee is bent in a specific position

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