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Community Involvement

We Are Volunteers, Community Educators, Sponsors, Team Doctors

Fox Valley Orthopedics has been an integral part of our community for over four decades. We take pride in the bonds we have forged, the strong relationships we have built, and our involvement in area high schools, sports organizations, not-for-profit, and other humanitarian projects.

Team Doctors

We serve as the team doctors for our local high schools as well as the CASA Kane County Cougars. At high schools, we provide guidance to the coaches and their staff to ensure athletes are lowering their risk for injury and concussions. We also donate our time and provide on-site staff at each football game to ensure the athletes are safe and well cared for during their time on the field. We have been a dedicated sponsor for the CASA Kane County Cougars and worked as their trusted team doctor for over 20 years.

  • Kane County Cougars (Dr. Sostak)
  • Aurora Central Catholic High School (Dr. Sostak)
  • Batavia High School (Dr. Petsche)
  • Burlington High School (Dr. Petsche)
  • Geneva High School (Dr. Bartel)
  • Kaneland High School (Dr. Mehta)
  • St. Charles East High School (Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Jacoby)
  • St. Charles North High School (Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Jacoby)

Charitable Donations & Volunteering

Our community is important to us. We are thankful for all the local charities and organizations that help make this a great place to live for everyone. Each Friday our entire company has the opportunity to donate to the charity chosen for that week. In addition, many of our employees are actively involved in volunteer opportunities. We have recently supported the following organizations through donations, support, and/or volunteering.

Community Sponsorships

In addition to our donations and volunteer efforts, we are also actively involved in the community through sponsorship opportunities. Here are some of the recent sponsorships with which we have been involved.

Prevention Program...Register Today!

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, sports injuries can often be prevented or reduced by following a few simple precautions. Learn firsthand how to reduce your risk of acute injuries (sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations) and overuse injuries (tendinitis, stress fractures, swimmer’s shoulder, runner’s/jumper’s knee, and shin splints). In addition, learn how single sports specialization, as a young athlete, can lead to overuse injury and burnout. The program will cover specific physical therapy prevention techniques and healthy lifestyle tips. This program is presented by orthopedic surgeon and team doctor for the Kane County Cougars, Dr. James Sostak of Fox Valley Orthopedics.

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Oh My Aching Feet -- Arthritis
in the Feet & Ankles

Arthritis in your feet can affect your every move as inflammation and swelling of the joints become increasingly more difficult. Fox Valley Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Eric Bartel will discuss arthritis on the lower extremities and ankles, and how to prevent, treat and even live with arthritis. Biological infusion therapy will also be discussed, and well as using mobility aids.

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