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We Keep Up with the Latest Medical Developments

Our team is constantly furthering their education. Many on our team are sought after to travel the world with the purpose of educating peers and future generations of doctors. With the knowledge our team has obtained through their ongoing studies, we can offer cutting edge care rarely seen outside of a major city. All of our surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained.

Dr. David Morawski, Dr. Kenneth Chakour and Dr. Jasper Petrucci

Dr. Morawski, Dr. Chakour and Dr. Petrucci offer Same-Day Total Joint Replacement Surgery. Dr. Morawski’s technique does not involved any muscular cutting or tearing for a total hip or knee replacement. Dr. Petrucci offers customized joints for total knee replacements. Our surgeons perform same day total joint replacement at our Ambulatory Surgery Center and at local hospitals.

Dr. Eric Bartel

Dr. Bartel is one of only a few doctors in Illinois to perform the state-of-the-art 3-piece Total Ankle Replacement. Unlike traditional ankle fusions or two part ankle replacements, patients enjoy a more expansive range of motion and a lower risk for arthritis development in the surrounding bones.

Dr. Vishal Mehta

Dr. Mehta pioneered the cutting edge Prochondrix Augmentation Surgery. This knee surgery leverages a fresh cartilage allograft that is showing promise for cartilage regrowth for patients 13 – 45 who hope to prolong their need for a joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Vishal Mehta and Dr. James Sostak

In 2016, we became the FIRST Ambulatory Surgery Center in Illinois to offer and perform same day total shoulder replacement surgery. Dr. Mehta and Dr. Sostak both offer this procedure.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our innovative and board-certified orthopedic specialists, contact us online or by phone at (630) 584-1400.